Teaching & Research

Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta has been invited to teach at various institutions both in India and abroad on a regular basis.



He has gained international recognition as a visiting lecturer from
many conservatories and universities of excellence –

Smithsonian Institution, USA
University of Maryland , USA
New York University , USA
Pittsburg University, USA
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne , USA
Golden Gate State University , USA
University of Colorado , USA
Iowa University , USA
Indiana University , USA
Hochschule Fur Musik ( Koln , Germany )
Cite de la Musique ( Paris , France )
Den Hague Conservatorium ( Den Hague, Holland )


His research work has been varied and
intriguing on many counts.

Working as the head of the department of Emperical Research, ITC Sangeet Research Academy from 1988 to 1993, he was engaged in the analysis of Gayakis of various exponents and raga treatment by different masters.

He studied the reflection of percussion patterns on plucked instruments and the adaptability of the Sarod to this end while incorporating these patterns in the vocabulary of the Sarod and evaluating their impact on Sarod baaz.



He researched about creation of bandishes (instrumental compositions) from Raga based Rabindrasangeet (Songs composed by Rabindranath Tagore). In fact Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta was the pioneer in recognising the immense depth of classical Raga music in some of Tagore's songs, his unconventional and unique ways of dealing with certain ragas, at the same time keeping the raga's purity, which bears testimony to Tagore's profound knowledge of North Indian Classical Music. This has been a project (started in 1985) which has received considerable attention / recognition from various quarters including Radio, Television, through concerts and also through commercial recordings. A recording project has also been completed under the auspices of the Sangeet Natak Academy , New Delhi .


He has also taken pains to study and pinpoint the origin, development and role of the Sarod in Indian Classical Music, while analysing the methodologies of teachings in Indian Classical Music.

One of his greatest achievements have been the evaluation of the impact of Baba Allauddin Khan on Indian Music.

His ongoing research on the inception, development and evolution of ‘Todas' and ‘Rabab Ang' playing on Sarod and their treatment and application in different Sarod gharanas of India through Fellowship from the Government of India, Dept of Culture, has been completed.



Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta is also considered to be one of the most successful and high profile Sarod teachers in the present era.

Many of his disciples are either “A” or ”B-High” grade artists of All India Radio and Doordarshan (TV). Some of them have received international acclaim for their performances in Europe, America and Asia.

Amongst his outstanding senior disciples who have made a name for themselves in the country (and abroad) are : 

Nayan Ghosh and Sugato Nag
– Sitar

Debasish Bhattacharya, Anirban Dasgupta, Prattyush Banerjee, Joydeep Ghosh and Pushpen Dey – Sarod

Amongst his other senior disciples are :

Shyamal Bose, Shyamal Mukherjee, Atanu Rakshit, Prabal Nag, Bhabanishankar Dasgupta

His disciple Kaustav Roy (Amsterdam), is the Professor of Vocal & Instrumental Music at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, Holland

His young noteworthy students are :

Soumik Datta
( London ) , Abir Hussain, Arunava Deb and Dwaipayan Roy – Sarod
Smarajit Sen, Supratik Sengupta – Sitar

Amongst his students practising away from Kolkata and abroad, mention should be made of :

Dr. Debojit Biswas, Dipankar Deshmukh, Aparajit Agarwal, Sanjoy ChakrabortySiddartha Chatterjee, Brandon Mclntosh, Dr. Ted Soils (Arizona Univ.) (USA)

Tarun Jasani, Guiliano (UK)
Alessio Alba
Heikki Nylund

Tarun Kalita, Satyabrata Sharma, Debobornini Debi
- Assam

Aboli Sulakhe (Sarod), Aparna Deodhar (Sitar) - Mumbai

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